Ziva Dynamics Ziva VFX v1.8 for Maya 2016-2019 Win_Lnx

Ziva Dynamics Ziva VFX v1.8 for Maya 2016-2019 Win_Lnx

Ziva Dynamics Ziva VFX v1.8 for Maya 2016-2019 Win/Lnx

Ziva VFX 1.8 includes minor improvements across a various performance avenues. Most notably, the new addition of‘Register License’ function marks another way that Ziva is simplifying and accelerating the Ziva VFX license installation process for both Node-Locked and Floating license holders. This new Registration tool is now the recommended way to install a Ziva VFX license. You an Learn how it works here: License Registration.
Additional improvements include:
Attachments with all-zero source weights will no longer affect on the simulation. Previously, it would prompt an error and stop the simulation from running.

Creature modification can now take place before the simulation start frame. Modifications still have no effect until returning to the start frame, so this change is mostly a workflow convenience. This used to trigger an error in the command doing the modification.

Program now searches the Ziva VFX Maya Module path for a license file, in addition to all previous search locations (the working directory, the plugin path, and the zivadyn_LICENSE environment variable) for easier license setup.

Add Performance Tuning section to the docs, explaining how to tune/optimize a setup to run faster.

Overhaul the backend logging system. This is mostly to simplify future development. There should be no visible changes, except possibly bugs in text formatting. As always, please report any such bugs.


基瓦VFX 1.8包括跨各种性能的途径小的改进。最值得注意的是,新增设of’Register许可证”的功能标记另一种方式是基瓦简化和加速基瓦VFX许可证安装过程了节点锁定和浮动许可证持有者。这个新注册工具现在是安装一个基瓦VFX许可证的推荐方式。你的了解它是如何工作在这里:许可注册。