Houdini 18纯写实兔子资产(绑定、毛发、动画)

Houdini 18纯写实兔子资产(绑定、毛发、动画)

The Rabbit is a fully rigged character that can be used to test out the animation and fur tools in Houdini. The rig is encapsulated into a Houdini Digital Asset (HDA) and contains all the geometry and texture maps needed to make it sharable. There is a second scene file that includes all the nodes and networks for adding fur.

Rabbit是一个完全绑定的角色,可用于测试Houdini中的动画和毛发工具。 该钻机被封装到Houdini数字资产(HDA)中,并包含使其可共享所需的所有几何和纹理贴图。 还有第二个场景文件,其中包括用于添加毛发的所有节点和网络。

The animation start file lets you test out the rabbit rig. You can animate in this file then export a geometry sequence for use in the fur setup file.
The fur setup file contains a cached run-cycle feeding into a fur system. If you keyframe the rig, you can choose to export then import the new sequence to create your own rabbit animation.


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