SideFX全球HUG技术交流大会Worldwide HUG

SideFX全球HUG技术交流大会Worldwide HUG

VEX Traffic Simulation _ Franco Pizzani _ Worldwide HUG _ Vancouver

Franco will take a look at a simple traffic simulation system built in a POPNET using VEX. We will start by quickly going over a reynolds boids setup showcasing some of the principles of crowds simulation, and we will learn about some useful VEX functions and ways to interact with other particles in the simulation. Then we will move into the traffic simulation itself and we will see how making use of modular functionality snippets make for a versatile and scalable setup.
Franco Pizzani is a 3D artist working on games for several years. Transitioned into Houdini a little over a year ago by going to school in Vancouver. Recently worked as a VFX artist at Method and just started a new job as a Technical Artist at Applied Intuition.
佛朗哥·比萨尼(Franco Pizzani)是3D艺术家,从事游戏工作已有数年。一年多以前,在温哥华上学后就转入了Houdini。最近在Method担任VFX艺术家,并在Applied Intuition刚开始担任技术艺术家的新工作。


Generating G-Code _ Ivan DeWolf _ Houdini Worldwide HUG _ Vancouver

After buying a toy drawing machine, I could not find a good system to build gcode for it from an SVG file, so I made a system that generates gcode for a drawing machine directly from a python SOP, and have generated several ballpoint pen plots from Houdini using the system. The presentation will touch on CNC software toolchains and file formats, Houdini python coding, and a running machine and sample generated drawings will be shown, and source code will be provided.
Ivan DeWolf started his career in 1994 working on films using Side Effects software tools. He taught himself how to code, and started a software and visual effects production company called Martian Labs. Martian Labs sold ocean surface simulation tools and other systems to DD, R&H, Asylum, and other companies. He now works at Sony as a software engineer.
购买玩具绘图机后,我找不到从SVG文件为其构建gcode的良好系统,因此我制作了一个系统,该系统直接通过python SOP为绘图机生成gcode,并从中生成了多个圆珠笔图Houdini使用系统。该演示将涉及CNC软件工具链和文件格式,Houdini python编码,正在运行的机器和示例生成的图纸,并提供源代码。
伊万·德沃尔夫(Ivan DeWolf)的职业生涯始于1994年,使用Side Effects软件工具制作电影。他自学了如何编码,并创立了一家名为Martian Labs的软件和视觉效果制作公司。火星实验室将海洋表面模拟工具和其他系统卖给了DD,R&H,Asylum和其他公司。他现在在索尼担任软件工程师。


Worldwide HUG _ Toronto _ Coffee Time with ХАРКОННЕН + Alexey Vanzhula

Come hang with us as we talk with XAPKOHHEH (otherwise known as Anatolii Iudanov) and Alexey Vanzhula. There will be excessive laughter, talking about 3D, stories from the past, and also there will be a presentation from XAPKOHHEH, revolving pyro and vellum. What about those two things? Well you have will to join in to find out :)!
Anatolii Iudanov In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero. He was Xapkohheh, a mighty princess forged in the heat of deadlines. The power…the passion…the danger. Xapkohheh possessed a strength the world had never seen – a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart. He journeyed the Earth – fixing pipelines and battling the tasks of his wicked stepmother, Hera, the all-powerful queen of bad clients. But wherever there was evil, wherever an innocent FX artist would suffer, there would be Xapkohheh.
Alexey Vanzhula is the creator of the modeling toolset “Modeler”, which is a collection of specialized tools geared towards interactive modelers, in Houdini. Alexey has designed a UI and menus for accessing these tools and offers a workflow that blends both Houdini non-destructive environment, with high interactivity (more common amongst traditional 3D modeling packages apps). Prior to Houdini, Alexey was using Maya for 13 years.
* Audio from Anatolii’s presentation — Royalty free music from
当我们与XAPKOHHEH(也称为Anatolii Iudanov)和Alexey Vanzhula交谈时,请与我们联系。会有太多的笑声,谈论3D,过去的故事,还将有XAPKOHHEH的演讲,涉及焦油和牛皮纸。那两件事呢?好吧,您将有机会参加找出:)!
Anatolii Iudanov在古老的神,军阀和国王时代,动荡的土地上呼唤英雄。他是Xapkohheh,他是一位在时限紧迫的情况下伪造的强大公主。力量…激情…危险。 Xapkohheh拥有世界上从未见过的力量-这种力量只有他内心的力量才能超越。他环游地球-修复管道并与邪恶的继母Hera(全能的坏客户女王)抗争。但是,无论哪里有邪恶,哪里有无辜的FX艺术家受苦,都会有Xapkohheh。
Alexey Vanzhula是建模工具集“ Modeler”的创建者,该工具集是Houdini中面向交互式建模者的专用工具的集合。 Alexey设计了用于访问这些工具的UI和菜单,并提供了融合了Houdini无损环境和高交互性(在传统3D建模软件包应用程序中更常见)的工作流。在Houdini之前,Alexey使用Maya已有13年。
* Audio from Anatolii’s presentation — Royalty free music from


CHOPs for Music and Constraints _ Worldwide HUG _ São Paulo

In this presentation we will show some uses of CHOPs in the areas of music, MIDI and constraints and how It can improve workflows. Guilherme Casagrandi is a …
在本演示中,我们将展示CHOP在音乐,MIDI和约束方面的一些用法,以及它如何改善工作流程。 Guilherme Casagrandi是…


Character Animation in Houdini _ Worldwide HUG _ Los Angeles

For this presentation we’ll focus on taking a glimpse into Houdini’s animation tools. We’ll learn how to setup our f-curve interpolation for Pose-to-Pose ani…


Transformation, Abstraction, Repetition, and How to Think Like a Chef _ Worldwide HUG _ San Fra…

In this presentation, Han Han Xue uses the design foundation principles of transformation, abstraction, and repetition to help inspire you to overcome what he calls the staleness that is being felt in the current digital content creation environment.

Han Han references many of his previously completed motion graphics projects to better demonstrate his ideas.

Han Han Xue is a Designer and FX Technical Director from Montreal, Canada. He is currently working on autonomous vehicles as a Product Designer at Lyft in San Francisco.


韩寒雪(Han Han Xue)是加拿大蒙特利尔的设计师兼外汇技术总监。他目前在旧金山Lyft担任产品设计师的自动驾驶工作。

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