Alembic简介Introduction to Alembic

Alembic简介Introduction to Alembic

Introduction to Alembic – Part 1

For the past 10 years, Alembics have been powering production pipelines around the world.
It is the industry-standard format supported by dozens of mainstream 3d software.

By the end of this video, you will be able to harness the “power of alembics” in your personal or professional CG work. In Fact, alembics enables you to build your own DIY CG pipeline at home round-tripping data between the software of your choice.

For that we will start with basics and learn :

1. What are Object Hierarchies and how software such as Maya, Blender, C4D, Houdini, and Clarisse represent them.

2. We will learn the Difference between Transforming and Deforming animation?

3. Go over Alembic’s strengths and limitations.

4. As a bonus we will fire up Houdini. Setup a simple scene, animate and export a transforming cache for shading and rendering in Blender, C4D, and Maya-Arnold.

在本视频结束之前,您将能够在个人或专业CG工作中利用“除菌剂的力量”。实际上,Alembics使您能够在所选软件之间的家庭往返数据上构建自己的DIY CG管道。







Introduction to Alembic – Part 2

In this short video, we are going to go over Houdini’s powerful surface operators knows as “SOPS”.

We will understand how to build a simple transforming animation hierarchy using Houdini’s native packed primitive workflow.

We will export the animation as an alembic cache. Fire up Maya, blender, Cinema 4D, and set up color attribute shading and rendering.

To follow along a basic understanding of the Houdini interface and node network is recommended.

A sample Houdini file (made with Houdini Indie – Version 18.0.532) can be downloaded from the below link.

Happy Learning!
在这个简短的视频中,我们将介绍Houdini强大的地面运营商,即“ SOPS”。


我们将动画导出为淡啤酒缓存。启动Maya,混合器,Cinema 4D,并设置颜色属性着色和渲染。


可以从下面的链接下载样本Houdini文件(由Houdini Indie制造-版本18.0.532)。



Introduction to Alembic – Part 3 _ Advanced Workflow

This short video is an ultra-crash course in advanced CG production workflow using Alembic.

We will export a simple model Hierarchy from Industry-standard Maya
Animate it in Blender, Add Procedural Geometry FX in Houdini, Assemble the scene back in Maya, using Arnold Alembic standins leveraging alembic’s powerful feature called Layers.

Sample Houdini File can be downloaded from the below link.

Happy Learning!

在Blender中对其进行动画处理,在Houdini中添加Procedural Geometry FX,使用Arnbic Alembic Standins利用Alembic强大的功能(图层),在Maya中组装场景。