Houdini重生计划第二季【全】Houdini Renascence Program Vol 2

Houdini重生计划第二季【全】Houdini Renascence Program Vol 2

It is finally here! We are proud to present the second part of our bestseller course: Houdini Renascence Program.

We have prepared an amazing training experience for you to learn how to create simulations of the highest quality and make the leap into your new career as a VFX Artist.

In this course, you will create ten projects from scratch. We will guide you step by step, using the latest tools and workflows offered by Houdini 18, working efficiently, quickly, and in an easy-to-understand way.

This course is aimed at all VFX students and artists who want to expand their knowledge of Houdini.

Houdini Renascence Program Vol. 02 is an intermediate level course, so students must have knowledge of the software or should have taken one of our basic level courses.

Your skills will improve over time, but for that to happen, you have to start now!