Vellum模拟鱼游动Let’s Simulate a Fish

Vellum模拟鱼游动Let’s Simulate a Fish

Hi there. today I’d thought it might be fun for us to sim a fish. There is a modeling portion at the first half of this tutorial but that is just to clean up the original model itself and make sure it can be used in vellum. Yes, looking back I should have cleaned the model first and maybe placed that section in a different node. But I think the setup works fine. Link to the Free3D models below.

This tutorial is a walkthrough, so side note we don’t build it together. For the next few months this is the only way I can make tutorials as I’m working on part 2 of the three things I can’t currently talk about. Any questions about the tutorial? Comment below.

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你好呀。今天我想我们模拟一条鱼可能会很有趣。本教程的前半部分有一个建模部分,但这只是为了清理原始模型本身并确保它可以在牛皮纸中使用。是的,回顾过去,我应该先清理模型,然后将该部分放在不同的节点中。但我认为设置工作正常。链接到下面的 Free3D 模型。

本教程是一个演练,所以请注意我们不会一起构建它。在接下来的几个月里,这是我制作教程的唯一方法,因为我正在处理我目前无法谈论的三件事中的第 2 部分。对教程有任何疑问吗?在下面评论。

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