Vellum角色衣服Vellum Clothing Creation

Vellum角色衣服Vellum Clothing Creation

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Vest Part 1A – Introduction

Vest Part 1B – Creating the Vest

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Live Stream on Vellum Clothing Creation for Seamless UV’s!

A few weeks ago I uploaded a teaser video on creating clothing in Houdini using the Vellum Drape node by recreating the SideFX example tutorial, but the scene file ended up monstrously large! I needed to find a way to fit all the content into a Live Stream, so I decided to try and create a different piece of clothing that would still demonstrate the same techniques but in a more condensed workflow. I ended up making a jacket for the Houdini Built-in character (I think his name is Tommy).

This demonstrates how to create the clothing designer pattern, mimic real clothing pattern cuts for seamless UV’s, and attach the clothing to additional geometry for customized shaping. I’m going to see if I get time to add zippers and some decals to the textures in Substance Painter, which would make for a second nice complementary tutorial to this current tutorial.


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背心第 1A 部分 – 介绍

背心第 1B 部分 – 创建背心

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无缝 UV 的 Vellum 服装创作直播!

几周前,我通过重新创建 SideFX 示例教程上传了一个关于使用 Vellum Drape 节点在 Houdini 中创建服装的预告视频,但场景文件最终变得非常大!我需要找到一种方法将所有内容放入实时流中,因此我决定尝试创建不同的衣服,它仍然可以展示相同的技术,但工作流程更加简洁。我最终为 Houdini 内置角色制作了一件夹克(我认为他的名字是汤米)。

这演示了如何创建服装设计师的图案,模仿真实的服装图案剪裁以实现无缝 UV,并将服装附加到其他几何体以进行定制造型。我将看看我是否有时间在 Substance Painter 中为纹理添加拉链和一些贴花,这将成为当前教程的第二个很好的补充教程。