Houdini桥梁建模Model a bridge in Houdini || Beginner Tutorial

Houdini桥梁建模Model a bridge in Houdini || Beginner Tutorial

This video will show a basic approach on how to make a procedural bridge.
It will introduce you to the basics of Houdini and the procedural approaches it has.

Starting from a line (or any curve you have) it will create a bridge.
First thing to do is control the bridge shape by a ramp. This makes it easier for controlling and art directing the shape.
Next steps involve procedural modelling. Like using a sweep node so give the input curve basic geometry. From that geometry it can be extruded and then beveled to create planks or stone borders.
Also let’s give the bridge some color by the Labs gradient node, it will look better and it is also nicer to work with.

A small finishing touch here is adding a basic support system. There are multiple approaches of doing this and here I took a simple approach so everyone can understand it.

Let me if this modelling is interested and I’m looking forward to make a couple more!

00:00 Intro
00:06 Curve and ramp control
01:04 Base sweeps
01:38 Create Border
03:29 Create Planks
04:01 Add colors
05:00 Side rail
06:12 Ramps control Demo
06:47 Add Support
09:19 Improve support
09:57 Chain node
10:31 Outro
它将向您介绍 Houdini 的基础知识及其程序方法。

也让我们通过 Labs 渐变节点给桥梁一些颜色,它会更好看,也更好用。



00:00 介绍
00:06 曲线和斜坡控制
01:04 基本扫描
01:38 创建边框
03:29 创建木板
04:01 添加颜色
05:00 侧栏
06:12 斜坡控制演示
06:47 添加支持
09:19 改进支持
09:57 链节点
10:31 尾声