Houdini程序化骰子Procedural Dices in Houdini

Houdini程序化骰子Procedural Dices in Houdini

In this video you will learn how to make procedural dices. These can go from a normal Dice to a DnD Dice.
This video is for people interested in learning more about Loops and Vex in Houdini. These are important to learn and for mastering Houdini.

It starts by creating a DnD Dice, the concept here is that for each primitive we get a number. That number represents the value of the side of the dice.
With a for-each loop you can loop over the primitives individual and create a number for that side of the dice.
When the loop is complete we printed out in geometry the number for each side. With a boolean you can subtract it from the original shape and get a basic dice maker.

For the second part will be a bit more VEX. It will be beginner level and will mainly make use of if statements to control what type of data should be shown.

Want to learn VEX? cgwiki: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex

00:00 Intro
00:15 base shape + info
01:28 For-each Loop
04:35 VEX
07:35 Print out Number in Font
10:38 Align Number with Primitive
12:16 Boolean Number and Shape
14:29 More VEX
15:00 Grid for Dice
16:38 Get primitive attribute
18:21 Dice Nr = 1
21:00 Dice Nr = 2
22:53 Dice Nr = 3
23:07 Dice Nr = 4
23:40 Dice Nr = 5
23:55 Dice Nr = 6
24:23 Tweaks
26:19 Outro
在本视频中,您将学习如何制作程序骰子。这些可以从普通骰子变成 DnD 骰子。
该视频适用于有兴趣了解有关 Houdini 中 Loops 和 Vex 的更多信息的人。这些对于学习和掌握 Houdini 很重要。

它首先创建一个 DnD 骰子,这里的概念是对于每个基元我们得到一个数字。该数字代表骰子边的值。
使用 for-each 循环,您可以遍历单个基元并为骰子的那一侧创建一个数字。

对于第二部分,会多一点 VEX。它将是初学者级别,主要使用 if 语句来控制应该显示什么类型的数据。

想学习 VEX? cgwiki: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?titleu003dJoyOfVex

00:00 介绍
00:15 基本形状 + 信息
01:28 For-each 循环
04:35 VEX
07:35 用字体打印出数字
10:38 将数字与原始对齐
12:16 布尔数和形状
14:29 更多 VEX
15:00 骰子网格
16:38 获取原始属性
18:21 骰子编号 u003d 1
21:00 骰子数 u003d 2
22:53 骰子编号 u003d 3
23:07 骰子编号 u003d 4
23:40 骰子数 u003d 5
23:55 骰子编号 u003d 6
24:23 调整
26:19 尾声