TD Essentials: Create a Swept Phyllotaxis Operator in Houdini

TD Essentials: Create a Swept Phyllotaxis Operator in Houdini

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00:00 Intro
01:12 The Golden Angle
03:15 A Look at the Paper
04:00 Intuition
12:18 Prepare the Geometry
15:30 Implement the Operator
23:40 Primuvconvert and Domains
25:18 Continuation of the Setup
35:14 Debugging
36:00 Test the Parameters

Plant growth has a strong connection to mathematics. Especially the special phyllotactic distribution pattern shows up a lot in nature. Be it the head of a sunflower, a pinecone or a pineapple. The dense packing of seeds and other organs on the surface of these is due to the golden angle phi. In this tutorial Manuel shows you how to implement a phyllotaxis operator with VEX in Houdini. But instead of just implementing the flat disc model we try something a little more sophisticated and build a phyllotactic pattern on a surface of revolution.

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Read the Paper
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00:00 介绍
01:12 黄金角
03:15 看论文
04:00 直觉
12:18 准备几何
15:30 实现运算符
23:40 Primuvconvert 和域
25:18 继续设置
35:14 调试
36:00 测试参数

植物生长与数学有着密切的联系。特别是特殊的叶序分布格局在自然界中表现得尤为明显。无论是向日葵、松果还是菠萝的头部。这些表面上的种子和其他器官的密集堆积是由于黄金角 phi。在本教程中,Manuel 将向您展示如何在 Houdini 中使用 VEX 实现叶序运算符。但是,我们不只是实施平面圆盘模型,而是尝试更复杂的方法,并在旋转表面上构建叶序模式。