Python交互式生成模型Interactive Python States | Houdini 18.0

Python交互式生成模型Interactive Python States | Houdini 18.0

** Interactive Python States | Click-Extrude Tool overview and Favela Generator demo **

In this video we take a look at python viewer states inside Houdini 18, and how its practicality can help technical artists develop interactive, easy-to-use tools for fast and smart content creation.

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As I mentioned in the video, I’d appreciate any feedback, comments or ideas on how to improve this further.

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** 交互式 Python 状态 |单击挤出工具概述和贫民窟生成器演示 **

在本视频中,我们将了解 Houdini 18 中的 Python 查看器状态,以及它的实用性如何帮助技术艺术家开发交互式、易于使用的工具,以实现快速和智能的内容创建。

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