Houdini 19建模小屋Houdini 19 DM | Modelling a Cabin

Houdini 19建模小屋Houdini 19 DM | Modelling a Cabin

In this first video of Project Cabin, we are going to model a Cabin. I will demonstrate Direct Modeling in all its glory. I will also show you bunch of great modeling and workflow tips. Toward the end, we will even properly apply MatX, export to Solaris and render in Karma. At the end of the video, I will quickly show you how even tho we did all of this with Direct Modelling, our model stayed procedural.

Concept Art: https://www.artstation.com/tbquintella
PureRef: https://www.pureref.com/

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在 Project Cabin 的第一个视频中,我们将模拟一个 Cabin。我将展示直接建模的所有荣耀。我还将向您展示大量出色的建模和工作流程技巧。最后,我们甚至会正确应用 MatX,导出到 Solaris 并在 Karma 中渲染。在视频的最后,我将快速向您展示即使我们使用 Direct Modelling 完成了所有这些,我们的模型仍然是程序化的。


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