Houdini搭建HQ解算渲染农场Houdini and Hqueue

Houdini搭建HQ解算渲染农场Houdini and Hqueue

Houdini and Hqueue part01 – principles

We will discover the network rendering with Houdini and Hqueue. We compare it to Deadline software”, talk about licences, difference between houdini and houdini engine.
We will spent time on the network rendering works (renderfarm) and choose our OS (windows and Linux) to make our own renderfarm.
我们将发现 Houdini 和 Hqueue 的网络渲染。我们将它与 Deadline 软件进行比较”,谈论许可证,houdini 和 houdini 引擎之间的区别。
我们将花时间在网络渲染工作(renderfarm)上,并选择我们的操作系统(windows 和 Linux)来制作我们自己的渲染农场。


Houdini and Hqueue part 02 – Install and configure your Hqueue server on windows

In my case, the Hqueue server and the shared network folder will be on windows. We will add an Hqueue client on the same computer and test it on local.
就我而言,Hqueue 服务器和共享网络文件夹将位于 Windows 上。我们将在同一台计算机上添加一个 Hqueue 客户端并在本地进行测试。


Houdini and Hqueue part03 – How to install Houdini on Linux

we will split the course with linux in differents parts. The first one is the installation for Houdini and its Hqueue client. I use Zorin but you can use an onther linux distro.
我们将把课程与 linux 分成不同的部分。第一个是Houdini及其Hqueue客户端的安装。我使用 Zorin,但您可以使用其他 linux 发行版。


Houdini and Hqueue part 04 – Configure the HQueue Client to the Hqueue server

second part on Linux, we will configure the Hqueue client to have the slave computer under the Hqueue server management. We will learn how to edit file with vim and use “sudo” command to edit as administrator.
第二部分在Linux上,我们将配置Hqueue客户端让从机在Hqueue服务器管理下。我们将学习如何使用 vim 编辑文件并使用“sudo”命令以管理员身份进行编辑。


Houdini and Hqueue part 05 – HQclient as automatic service and link HFS to the correct houdini path

On the previous video, we discovered that the HQueue client is not automatically launched after a computer reboot. We will solve an other issue, transform the Target HFS to the correct path to Houdini folder related to the OS
在上一个视频中,我们发现计算机重启后 HQueue 客户端不会自动启动。我们将解决另一个问题,将目标 HFS 转换为与操作系统相关的 Houdini 文件夹的正确路径


Houdini and Hqueue part 06 – permanant mount on Linux and last tweaks on the Hqrender

For this last part, I will explain how to mount a windows shared folder on Linux, create a permanent link and we will try a complete render on Hqueue render to observe the last blockers.
对于最后一部分,我将解释如何在 Linux 上挂载 Windows 共享文件夹,创建一个永久链接,我们将尝试在 Hqueue 渲染上进行完整渲染以观察最后的阻塞。