Blender渲染H粒子Render Houdini Particles with Blender CyclesX via Geometry Nodes

Blender渲染H粒子Render Houdini Particles with Blender CyclesX via Geometry Nodes

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This tutorial uses Houdini 19.0.383 and Blender 3.0

Transferring data between DCCs is a cumbersome but necessary task. Particles are not yet supported via nodes inside of Blender for example and usually come in from somewhere else. In this tutorial Manuel shows you how to create a surface flow particle effect inside of SideFX Houdini and then import the particles to Blender for rendering. Instead of bringing in the geometry, which is straightforward using alembic, here we import the particles themselves with attributes. This yields a lot of flexibility inside of Blender as we end up with a procedural particle effect that can be further altered. The first part of the tutorial deals with creating the particles in Houdini, the second part explains how to recreate the attributes inside of Blender with Geometry Nodes.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Preparing the Surface
03:17 Setting Color on the Surface
04:50 Create the Particles
06:22 Control the Particles’ Velocity
13:18 Creating Trails
16:10 Creating Preview Geometry
16:45 Setting Template Point Attributes
21:46 Exporting Positions to Blender
24:33 Importing Positions
25:44 Exporting pscale to Blender
27:00 Importing pscale with Geometry Nodes
29:55 Exporting orient to Blender
31:27 Importing Euler Angles
33:38 Exporting Cd to Blender
34:09 Importing Color
37:35 Creating an Attribute Driven Shader
38:17 Fixing the Colors

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本教程使用 Houdini 19.0.383 和 Blender 3.0

在 DCC 之间传输数据是一项繁琐但必要的任务。例如,Blender 内部的节点尚不支持粒子,并且通常来自其他地方。在本教程中,Manuel 向您展示了如何在 SideFX Houdini 中创建表面流动粒子效果,然后将粒子导入 Blender 进行渲染。在这里,我们没有使用 alembic 直接导入几何图形,而是导入带有属性的粒子本身。这在 Blender 内部产生了很大的灵活性,因为我们最终得到了可以进一步改变的程序粒子效果。本教程的第一部分涉及在 Houdini 中创建粒子,第二部分解释如何使用几何节点在 Blender 内部重新创建属性。

00:00 介绍
00:53 准备表面
03:17 在表面上设置颜色
04:50 创建粒子
06:22 控制粒子的速度
13:18 创建轨迹
16:10 创建预览几何
16:45 设置模板点属性
21:46 将位置导出到 Blender
24:33 导入仓位
25:44 将 pscale 导出到 Blender
27:00 使用几何节点导入 pscale
29:55 将 orient 导出到 Blender
31:27 导入欧拉角
33:38 将 Cd 导出到 Blender
34:09 导入颜色
37:35 创建属性驱动着色器
38:17 修复颜色