Houdini DNA数据库工具The Houdini PDB Toolset

Houdini DNA数据库工具The Houdini PDB Toolset

A preview/How to of a Houdini Toolset I am working on.

This Toolset is available for download on my site: https://www.katexagoraris.com/more-fx-help

This toolset is designed for easy creation of proteins, from the Proteins Data Bank to Houdini for rendering.
So far the 1.0 toolset allows for:
-Creation of wireframe models
-Isolation of Carbon/Oxygen/Nitrogen elements
-Creation of Space filling Diagrams
– Creation of Ribbon Diagrams
-Rough Measurements between Amino acids
-Rough animation techniques through noise.

Currently in Dev for 2.0:
-Correct count of Atoms, Elements per Amino acid, and Chains.
-Better Wireframe, Space filling, and Ribbon creation
– Better isolation and visualization of Amino acids.
– Protein Folding methods for Virus Proteins
-Animation using temperature factor HDAs
– Better Animation and folding for proteins overall.
– Chain isolation HDAs

– Electron feild HDA for atoms.
– HDAs with better protein folding solves.
– Covalent Bond Visualizer HDA
– Custom Materials for Mantra and Karma

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我正在研究的 Houdini 工具集的预览/操作方法。


该工具集旨在轻松创建蛋白质,从蛋白质数据库到 Houdini 进行渲染。
到目前为止,1.0 工具集允许:
– 线框模型的创建
– 创建功能区图
– 氨基酸之间的粗略测量

目前在开发 2.0:
– 正确的原子数、每个氨基酸的元素数和链数。
– 更好的线框、空间填充和功能区创建
– 更好地分离和可视化氨基酸。
– 病毒蛋白质的蛋白质折叠方法
– 使用温度因子 HDA 的动画
– 整体上更好的蛋白质动画和折叠。
– 链式隔离 HDA

– 原子的电子场 HDA。
– 具有更好蛋白质折叠解决方案的 HDA。
– 共价键可视化仪 HDA
– Mantra 和 Karma 的定制材料


Houdini 中的照明:https://www.katexagoraris.com/houdinilights