Procedural Book | PDG variants | Multivariant USD | USD Asset Database

Procedural Book | PDG variants | Multivariant USD | USD Asset Database

This is the first part of a bigger project, room creation. During this project, I’ll build a few procedural tools and use USD as a pipeline in order to explore it.

In this video, I created a simple procedural book, then created variations using PDG (using wedge TOP), load and save all variants to a single USD file, and then save each USD variant to the USD asset gallery database to later use with Layout LOP or in other ways.

Track the progress of this project on my Github public videos roadmap:

– Patreon (free trial available) with HIP file, USD asset database, and simple book HDA:
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0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Node Graph Explanation
10:36 – Procedural Book
18:21 – Book Variations with PDG (Wedging)
24:15 – Creating a single multivariant USD
30:00 – Create and add a single USD to USD assets database
33:30 – Conclusion and what comes next

#sidefx #houdini #houdinifx
这是一个更大项目的第一部分,房间创建。在这个项目中,我将构建一些程序工具并使用 USD 作为管道来探索它。

在本视频中,我创建了一本简单的程序书,然后使用 PDG(使用 wedge TOP)创建了变体,将所有变体加载并保存到一个 USD 文件中,然后将每个 USD 变体保存到 USD 资产库数据库中,以便稍后与 Layout 一起使用LOP 或其他方式。

在我的 Github 公共视频路线图上跟踪此项目的进度:

– 带有 HIP 文件、美元资产数据库和简单书籍 HDA 的 Patreon(可免费试用):
– 其他社交:

0:00 – 介绍
0:51 – 节点图解释
10:36 – 程序书
18:21 – PDG 变奏曲(楔形)
24:15 – 创建单一多变美元
30:00 – 创建单一美元并将其添加到美元资产数据库
33:30 – 结论和接下来的内容

#sidefx #houdini #houdinifx