【Lynda】Maya 2018 nCloth布料动力学教程(附英文字幕)

【Lynda】Maya 2018 nCloth布料动力学教程(附英文字幕)

nCloth is a Maya toolkit that is used to simulate cloth and other dynamic surfaces for feature films and games. This course explores the fundamentals of nCloth and basic character visual effects. The instructor, David Feuillatre, is one of the early adopters of nCloth and uses it for his work on movies such as The Dark Knight. Follow along with David to learn about the history of visual effects, the technology of 3D simulation, and the basics of dynamics meshes, properties, and forces in nCloth. Learn how to set up collisions and add constraints, and master the nuances of nCloth design. In chapter four, David walks through a real-world project with nCloth: a physically realistic flag that flaps and flutters in the wind. The course closes with two challenge videos that allow you to practice your skills with nCloth, and compare David’s solutions with your own. Note: This course used Maya 2018, but the cloth simulation principles and techniques shown apply to any software.

nCloth是一个maya工具包,用于在影视及游戏领域制作和模拟布料及其他类似动力学材料。这个教程全面讲解nCloth的使用和基本的人物布料模拟。教程的作者David Feuillatre是最早一批使用nCloth的艺术家,代表作例如黑暗骑士。跟随他领略3D特效模拟的历史,动力学网格的基础知识,以及cCloth中的力场。学习如何创建碰撞物体及添加约束,精准地控制布料形态。在第四章节,David讲解一个真实的nCloth实战项目:一个物理的真实的旗子随风飘扬。教程最后附带两个具有挑战性的案例,以便完全掌握nCloth的使用技巧。

该教程使用的软件为Maya2018,但布料模拟的原理和技术适用于任何软件。Post Cover

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