VENOM – 视觉效果案例研究VENOM – Visual Effects Case Study

VENOM – 视觉效果案例研究VENOM – Visual Effects Case Study

I’ve just published this video on Vimeo

I am starting a new series of videos which I want to publish monthly – breaking down sequences of films more from a supervisor’s perspective.

My one big hurdle is how to get this on YouTube without hitting copyright issues, which is ideally where I want them to live. But for now I just wanted to post this on Facebook for you guys 🙂

Please do share this

and also if you have ideas on film sequences and films you want to see covered, please leave a comment and let me know what you want to see and I’ll get working shortly on episode #2 of the VFX case study!

Thanks guys!


我正在开始一个新的系列视频,我想每月发布一次 – 从主管的角度分析更多的电影序列。