Houdini中使用数组控制动画Array Controlled Animation in Houdini

Houdini中使用数组控制动画Array Controlled Animation in Houdini

Published on Jan 7, 2019

Control an animation with array data using VEX in Houdini.

Hey folks, today I show you an interesting approach to use VEX to prepare a very specific animation. This is a simple example of that approach but can be used in many situations.

In this video I cover several topics. How to sort points in VEX, handling array data and a bit of vector math.

I started this with the idea of visualizing standard programming algorithm like the bubble sort I use in this video – and ended up with this.

It would be interesting to see if people come up with an idea to utilize this in a more complex scenario. So if you do – let me know! 🙂

Thank you guys for all the support!





我开始这个想法是可视化标准编程算法,就像我在这个视频中使用的冒泡排序 – 最后得到了这个。

如果有人想出在更复杂的场景中使用它,那将会很有趣。所以,如果你这样做 – 让我知道! 🙂