Houdini官方火焰教程PYROFX | FIRE & FLAMES

Houdini官方火焰教程PYROFX | FIRE & FLAMES

In this lesson, Mark Spevick explores Houdini’s Pyro FX tools. Starting on the shelf, he dives into the nodes and networks to show you how to refine the look of your simulation to achieve realistic fire. A number of topics are covered including fuel, temperature, microsolvers, opencl, the pyro shader and more.

To follow along, you can download the project files which include the tree geometry and the agent. There are start files for all three parts of this lesson and a final scene file if you want to explore the end results. The lessons get more challenging as you go along but all the information is provided to help you create impactful fire and flames.


在本课中,Mark Spevick探讨了Houdini的Pyro FX工具。 从架子上开始,他潜入节点和网络,向您展示如何优化模拟的外观以实现真实的火力。 涵盖了许多主题,包括燃料,温度,微型切割器,opencl,pyro着色器等。

要继续,您可以下载包含树几何和代理的项目文件。 如果要浏览最终结果,本课程的所有三个部分都有起始文件和最终场景文件。 随着您的进展,课程变得更具挑战性,但提供的所有信息都可以帮助您创造有影响的火焰和火焰。

Part 1 | Off the Shelf

In the first video, you will learn how to quickly set up and render a burning tree effect. You will set up the Pyro FX flames using shelf tools and then use OpenCL to speed up the simulation. You will also learn how to adjust the fuel source to get a nice look for your simulation. You will then work with the Pyro shader and set up the shot for rendering to disk.

  • Flames Shelf Tool: 0:46
  • Turn on OpenCL: 3:39
  • Adjust the Fuel Source: 4:23
  • Rendering the Fire: 9:11
  • Tweak the Pyro Shader: 14:18
  • Render Sequence: 18:13

Part 2 | Under the Hood

In this video, you will take a deeper look at the nodes that contribute to the burning tree effect and make changes to create a more realistic flame. You will learn how to split fuel and temperature, refine combustion, work with microsolvers, add smoke and customize the emitter. You will then set up a Volume light using the fire and render the sequence to disk.

  • Speed up the Flames: 1:15
  • Split Fuel and Temperature: 2:33
  • Refine Combustion: 13:21
  • Shape the Flames: 20:11
  • Custom Microsolvers: 24:41
  • Add Smoke: 35:32
  • Customize the Emitter: 41:49
  • Cache the Sim: 45:42
  • Volume Slices: 49:35
  • Render the Flames: 51:50
  • Render Settings: 1:03:25
  • Volume Light: 1:15:27

Part 3 | Next Steps

In the final video, you will learn how to create presets out of your existing simulation then apply them to a burning agent who walks through four trees igniting them along the way, You will learn how to make the fire work properly on a moving object and how to use clusters to more efficiently simulate the trees. You will then manage the pyro boxes to ensure that they only turn on when needed to make your overall simulation more efficient.

  • Save Presets: 1:29
  • Setup the Shot: 3:02
  • Add Pyro FX to the Agent: 6:15
  • Cache out the Sim: 16:15
  • Add Pyro FX Clusters to the Trees: 20:39
  • Apply Presets to the Trees: 32:44
  • Ignite Trees with Agent: 35:03
  • Manage Pyro Boxes: 43:43
  • Slow Down the Burn: 1:04:54
  • Pyro Shaders: 1:10:28
  • Volume Light: 1:13:04