Houdini中的HScript语言基础HScript and Channel Referencing

Houdini中的HScript语言基础HScript and Channel Referencing

Course Description

In this tutorial, the viewer will learn many practical applications of HScript and Channel referencing through the construction of a destruction-ready procedural building. Along the way, many powerful modeling nodes will be explained as well as several HScripts variables that will be very useful in your day to day use of Houdini.
Who is this for?This course has been designed for beginner level 3D artists seeking to specialize in VFX, or artists with a background in other 3D applications wanting to get introduced to Houdini for VFX.
What will I be able to do after watching this tutorial?After viewing this course, people can expect to have a solid understanding of what HScript is and how to use it to streamline the process of procedural modeling. Additionally, they will be able to start creating customized User Interfaces to control the parameters of the tools they build.

在本教程中,观察者将通过构建破坏就绪的程序构建来学习许多HScript和Channel引用的实际应用。 在此过程中,将解释许多强大的建模节点以及几个HScripts变量,这些变量在您日常使用Houdini时非常有用。

本课程专为初学级3D艺术家设计,专门研究VFX,或者有其他3D应用背景的艺术家想要介绍Houdini for VFX。

在查看本课程后,人们可以期望对HScript是什么以及如何使用它来简化程序建模过程有充分的了解。 此外,他们将能够开始创建自定义用户界面来控制他们构建的工具的参数。