Oc渲染室内科幻场景Gumroad – Interior Lighting – Futuristic Corridor

Oc渲染室内科幻场景Gumroad – Interior Lighting – Futuristic Corridor

Duration 2h Project Files Included MP4


Spaceship interiors are a staple of scifi movies. I’ll be sharing my approach to lighting and what role it plays in the design process right from the start. In easy to follow steps I’ll be bringing you from a simple 3D blockout to a final cinematic frame. We’re also looking at the brand new free tier Octane 2019 for Blender 2.8!What topics are covered?
– Design process
– Cinematic Lighting for interiors
– Rendering and Materials with Octane 2019 for Blender 2.8 and Octane Standalone
– Photoshop paintoverWho is it for?
Concept designers and other creatives who want to learn about environment creation and a 3D heavy workflow.What will I get?
– 2+ hour video tutorial with narration
– 3D source files (FBX, ORBX and BLEND) except 3rd party kitbash parts
– PSD fileWhat do I need to have before I start:
– OctaneRender (2019 for Blender or Standalone)
– 3D application (e.g. Modo, Blender, C4D etc)
– 2D application (e.g. Photoshop, Procreate etc)
– Basic knowledge in a 3D application


宇宙飞船内饰是科幻电影的主要内容。我将分享我的照明方法,以及它从一开始就在设计过程中扮演的角色。通过简单易懂的步骤,我将带您从简单的3D屏蔽到最终的电影帧。我们还在寻找Blender 2.8的全新免费等级Octane 2019!涵盖哪些主题?
– 设计过程
– 室内电影照明
– 使用Octane 2019进行渲染和材料,用于Blender 2.8和Octane Standalone
– Photoshop paintoverWho是为了什么?
– 带有旁白的2小时视频教程
– 除第三方kitbash部件外的3D源文件(FBX,ORBX和BLEND)
– PSD文件在开始之前我需要做什么:
– OctaneRender(2019年适用于Blender或Standalone)
– 3D应用程序(例如Modo,Blender,C4D等)
– 2D应用程序(例如Photoshop,Procreate等)
– 3D应用程序的基础知识