Houdini模拟解算导入SD教程Houdini simulation to Substance Designer || tutorial

Houdini模拟解算导入SD教程Houdini simulation to Substance Designer || tutorial

In this video I will show how you can set up a simple simulation and save the result in a heightmap. This heightmap is then used in Substance Designer to create a material.
Tutorial more about COP’s that was mentioned: https://vimeo.com/288436861

Get the files: https://www.artstation.com/siver/store/qAMe/houdini-simulation-to-substance-designer
gumroad: https://gum.co/WNcEB

0:00 – Demo
1:24 – Simple simulation
9:58 – Setup to get the heightmap
21:36 – export
25:24 – make tillable
27:58 – debris example
29:52 – Final baking

If you would ever had troubles with layering materials in Substance Designer, you can simply simulate the result and bake out the heightmap. You don’t have to worry anymore about intersections of shapes.


0:00 – 演示
1:24 – 简单的模拟
9:58 – 设置,以获得高度图
21:36 – 出口
25:24 – 使可倾斜
27:58这 – 例如碎片
29:52 – 最终烘焙


With this setup you are able to get the heightmap for a simulation in Houdini. In the files you will find the setup that is needed to do this.

Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtCxq8UZGD4 

There are 2 examples one with falling bricks and the other one with a breaking cube to get debris.

You can see it working in real time on my blog post:



-Houdini file with the setup

-SBS file to see the results

-Heightmap examples (The bricks and the debris from the images)

Please make sure to install the game dev tools in Houdini to open the files.

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