CGMA – Intro to Substance for Environment Art with Ben Keeling

CGMA – Intro to Substance for Environment Art with Ben Keeling

Duration 6 week course Project Files Included MP4

To avoid any possible confusion , this course is from 2016 and now it’s name is “Fundamentals of substance” not “Intro to substance ”
In Introduction to Substance for Environment Art, students will build their knowledge using the Substance suite. Students will work on the tools they needed to create excellent 3D artwork. Students will start by creating simple geometric patterns and become familiar with the UI of both Substance Painter and Substance Designer. We will learn how to bake from high to low poly to aid us in the texturing process across the course. In the later weeks, we will delve deeper into Substance Designer learning the process of creating both pattern based and organic materials. We will tackle all aspects of material creation, first by breaking down the height map and normal before learning color and roughness textures. We will learn how to create an asset texturing pipeline in Designer before moving into prop texturing using Substance Painter, both using provided game ready assets.

在《环境艺术物质入门》中,学生将使用物质套件来建立自己的知识。学生将使用他们需要的工具来创建出色的3D图稿。学生将从创建简单的几何图案开始,并熟悉Substance Painter和Substance Designer的UI。我们将学习如何从高多边形到低多边形进行烘焙,以帮助我们在整个过程中进行纹理化处理。在接下来的几周中,我们将更深入地研究Substance Designer,以学习创建基于图案的材料和有机材料的过程。我们将处理材料创建的所有方面,首先在学习颜色和粗糙度纹理之前,先分解高度图和法线。我们将学习如何在使用Substance Painter进行道具纹理化之前,在Designer中创建资产纹理化管道,这两种方式都使用提供的可用于游戏的资产。