The Gnomon Workshop – Look Development and Lighting Techniques for Film

The Gnomon Workshop – Look Development and Lighting Techniques for Film

Duration 3h 23m MP4

“The Ningyo” is an award-winning, 30-minute movie that will soon make its way to the big screen as a feature film. In this workshop, VFX Artist and Director of “The Ningyo,” Miguel Ortega, breaks down the creation of two specific shots featured in the period fantasy film to share his Nuke, look development, lighting techniques, and the basic concepts he follows when creating a short movie.
In the first shot of an underwater diver, Miguel reveals how he began with a rock photogrammetry asset by Quixel Megascans, blocked out the lighting, and then set up his shaders and textures. Using MASH for Maya, he then demonstrates his workflow for geometry scattering and how he populated rocks with barnacles for maximum impact. Miguel lectures on creating tileable materials with Quixel’s Mixer for building ocean floors and provides a brief overview of multipass rendering and compositing using Maya and Nuke. He also shares his understanding of color channels for use with color correction and compositing of the lighting, and utilizing lens flares for underwater scenes.
The workshop concludes with a demonstration of Miguel’s tips and tricks for creating dynamic camera moves using image projections. Sampling a second shot from the film — a lecture hall with lots of live-action elements — Miguel divulges his compositing techniques in Nuke for creating highly realistic scenes far beyond the film set. The finale of the workshop offers a seven-minute behind-the-scenes look at “The Ningyo,” which gives a deep insight into the making of the movie and exposes how the labor-of-love project came to be.

《忍者》是一部屡获殊荣的30分钟电影,不久将作为故事片进入大银幕。在这个工作坊中,视觉特效艺术家和“ The Ningyo”导演Miguel Ortega分解了该时期奇幻电影中的两个特定镜头的创作,以分享他的Nuke,外观开发,照明技术以及他在创作时遵循的基本概念在水下潜水员的第一枪中,米格尔(Miguel)揭示了他是如何从Quixel Megascans的岩石摄影测量设备开始的,遮挡了灯光,然后设置了着色器和纹理。然后,他使用MASH for Maya演示了几何散射的工作流程,以及如何用藤壶填充岩石以最大程度地发挥作用。 Miguel讲授了如何使用Quixel的Mixer创建可瓦化材料以建造海底,并简要概述了使用Maya和Nuke进行多遍渲染和合成的过程。他还分享了他对色彩通道的理解,这些色彩通道用于色彩校正和照明合成,以及在水下场景中使用镜头光晕。研讨会的最后,将演示Miguel的技巧和窍门,以使用图像投影创建动态相机动作。从电影的第二张镜头(一个带有很多实景元素的演讲厅)中取样,Miguel在Nuke中泄露了他的合成技术,以创造远远超出电影背景的高度逼真的场景。讲习班的结局是幕后花了7分钟的时间播放的“ The Ningyo”,这部电影使人对电影的制作有深刻的了解,并揭露了“劳苦劳动”项目的发展历程。


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