Houdini的VEX和VOPS比较Houdini VEX and VOPS: A Comparison

Houdini的VEX和VOPS比较Houdini VEX and VOPS: A Comparison

Welcome to the VEX and VOPS comparison. In this video, we show you how VEX and VOPS are different and how they are the same. It gives some insight into how to do the same effect in two different ways in Houdini.

If you have found that coding isn’t really your style, VOPS allow you to still access the power of coding, without having to learn how to code with VEX.

VOPS are incredibly intuitive if you are comfortable with nodes already. You can basically ‘pseudo-code’ an idea and it will translate directly into VOPS. In this case, VOPS are the easiest way to go from English to VEX. It means that you do not need to know code but can still code which makes it exceptionally powerful.

However, the benefit of VEX is that if you understand it, you can simplify your node setups into single blocks of code. This results in cleaner networks which are easier to read at a glance. I would suggest learning both VEX and VOPS but really, VOPS do not necessarily require focused effort and directed learning. You become comfortable with VOPS as a result of being comfortable with nodes. VEX however, requires conscious effort to understand.

This video is not intended to teach you VEX or VOPS but rather, if you have a basic understanding of both, it exists to show you how they are related.

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