Houdini导入AE插件Make Houdini_2_AE plugin work in Houdini 18

Houdini导入AE插件Make Houdini_2_AE plugin work in Houdini 18

Thanks to SideFX Forums user Zakharin we have a (relatively) simple fix to get the Houdini_2_AE plugin working again in Houdini 18. This is by far the simplest method for getting your camera animations, nulls and other reference objects from Houdini into Adobe AfterEffects.

Follow along these instructions and you’ll be exporting your scene data to AfterEffects in no time!

Step 1. Create a HOUDINI_2AE node
Step 2. Right click on it and choose Type Properties
Step 3. In the new window click on the Scripts tab
Step 4. Make sure that houdini_2_ae is selected on left side
Step 5. Add # before strings 470-473 like this:

# hou_css_r=int(hou_css_color.group(1))
# hou_css_g=int(hou_css_color.group(2))
# hou_css_b=int(hou_css_color.group(3))
# self.setStyleSheet(“background-color: rgb(%d, %d, %d)”%(hou_css_r,hou_css_g,hou_css_b))

Step 6. Click Unlock and Save
感谢SideFX论坛用户Zakharin,我们有一个(相对)简单的修复程序,可以让Houdini_2_AE插件在Houdini 18中再次运行。这是迄今为止最简单的方法,可将您的相机动画,空值和其他参考对象从Houdini导入Adobe AfterEffects。


步骤2.右键单击它,然后选择Type Properties

#hou_css_r = int(hou_css_color.group(1))
#hou_css_g = int(hou_css_color.group(2))
#hou_css_b = int(hou_css_color.group(3))
#self.setStyleSheet(“ background-color:rgb(%d,%d,%d)”%(hou_css_r,hou_css_g,hou_css_b))