Houdini全球蜂巢研讨会-人物特效篇Houdini HIVE Worldwide | CHARACTER FX

Houdini全球蜂巢研讨会-人物特效篇Houdini HIVE Worldwide | CHARACTER FX

B is for Ben – Creating the Character in Houdini _ Rok Andic _ Houdini HIVE Worldwide

In this presentation Rok will show how he used Houdini to create the main character for the animated short film “B is for Ben”.

Rok Andic is a 3D Artist with a strong passion for animated films. Though he mostly worked as a generalist throughout his career, his passion for animated characters led him to focus on character rigging and animation. He is constantly experimenting and shares his findings with the community by creating character rigging tutorials. He is also working on a personal short film series called “The Mellifluous Peculiars”.
在此演示文稿中,Rok将展示他如何使用Houdini制作动画短片“ B is for Ben”的主角。

Rok Andic是3D艺术家,对动画电影充满热情。尽管他在整个职业生涯中大部分都是通才,但他对动画角色的热情使他专注于角色装配和动画。他不断进行实验,并通过创建角色绑定教程来与社区分享他的发现。他还在制作个人短片系列,名为“变态的奇异人物”。


Do More With Crowds _ Mikael Pettersen _ Houdini HIVE Worldwide

In this session we will dive deeper into Houdini’s crowd workflow. Mikael will demonstrate how to set up blend shapes and how to use the full-body IK solver in VEX to give you even more control over your agents.

Mikael Pettersen is a Lead Crowd Technical Director at MPC and has worked on projects such as Guardians of The Galaxy, The Call of the Wild, Ready Player One and the Oscar winning The Jungle Book. He has been in the visual effects industry for the last 13 years, started out as a generalist in commercials and later switched over to film. He is also the author of Crowds for Feature Film in Houdini 1 & 2 and is running the Houdini blog Short & Sweet 3D
在本节中,我们将深入探讨Houdini的人群工作流程。 Mikael将演示如何设置混合形状以及如何在VEX中使用全身IK解算器,以使您对代理具有更多控制权。

Mikael Pettersen是MPC的领先人群技术总监,曾参与多个项目,例如《银河护卫队》,《野性的呼唤》,《准备就绪的一号》和获得奥斯卡奖的《丛林书》。在过去的13年中,他一直从事视觉效果行业,起初是商业广告的通才,后来又转投电影。他还是Houdini 1和2中长篇电影人群的作者,并且正在运行Houdini博客Short&Sweet 3D。


Battle Worms, Birds, and Big Blue Beings _ Ahmed Gharraph _ Houdini HIVE Worldwide

In this session, Head of CG Ahmed Gharraph is going to take attendees through several recent projects in which Framestore has found Houdini invaluable. He will detail how his team created stunning CG Hummingbirds and a rainforest for drinks brand Purdey’s and solved a case full of worms for Netflix on global-smash The Witcher. And then to top it all off, the presentation will detail how Framestore’s television department killed off Doctor Manhattan for Watchmen, the incredible series from HBO and David Lindeloff.

Ahmed Gharraph is Framestore’s Joint Head of CG, coming back to the company in 2017, after a brief absence working on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Ready Player One as Lead FX artist at ILM. Ahmed’s credit list at Framestore includes major advertising projects such as McDonald’s ‘Reindeer Ready’ and Purdey’s ‘Hummingbird’ as well as the highest-quality television projects like HBO’s Watchmen. Ahmed started his career in the CG department at MPC in 2007 after getting a BSc in 3D Computer Animation. He worked on several VES Award-winning commercials including the iconic Cadbury ‘Spots v. Stripes’ campaign before making his move into film in 2011, working at DNEG on several high profile projects including Captain America, Skyfall, Godzilla and Thor: The Dark World.
在本届会议上,CG负责人Ahmed Gharraph将带领参与者参加几个最近的项目,在这些项目中Framestore发现Houdini无价。他将详细介绍他的团队如何为饮料品牌Purdey's创建令人惊叹的CG蜂鸟和热带雨林,并在全球红极一时的The Witcher上解决了一个充满蠕虫的案例。然后,最重要的是,演讲将详细介绍Framestore的电视部门如何杀死Watchman的Doctor Doctor,这是HBO和David Lindeloff制作的令人难以置信的电视连续剧。

Ahmed Gharraph是Framestore的CG联席主管,在短暂缺席了《星球大战:最后的绝地武士》和ILM的首席FX艺术家后,他于2017年回到公司。艾哈迈德在Framestore的信用名单包括主要的广告项目,例如麦当劳的“驯鹿准备好”和普迪的“蜂鸟”,以及HBO的《守望者》等最高质量的电视项目。 Ahmed在获得3D计算机动画学士学位后,于2007年在MPC的CG部门开始了他的职业生涯。他曾在多个VES获奖广告中工作,包括标志性的吉百利“ Spots v。Stripes”广告系列,然后在2011年进入电影界。他在DNEG从事多个著名项目,包括美国队长,Skyfall,哥斯拉和《雷神:黑暗世界》。 。