Houdini18.5全新链条节点教程Houdini Friendship Bracelet

Houdini18.5全新链条节点教程Houdini Friendship Bracelet

Houdini Friendship Bracelet _ 01.Intro

Adam Swaab takes us through the process in which he created a rotating band of many colourful bracelets, using some of the new SOPs in that just came out in Houdini 18.5 (Chain SOP and the backported Path Deform SOP), as well as vellum. We see how to animate the many strands, and then prepare materials for all the bracelet components (beads, end pieces, etc.) and some rendering in Mantra. This series is for the medium-level Houdini user. Let’s get started!
亚当·斯瓦布(Adam Swaab)带领我们完成了创建许多彩色手镯的旋转带的过程,并使用了刚在Houdini 18.5(链式SOP和反向移植的路径变形SOP)以及牛皮纸中出现的一些新SOP。我们将看到如何对多股线进行动画处理,然后为手镯的所有组件(珠子,端部件等)和Mantra中的某些渲染准备材料。本系列适用于中级Houdini用户。让我们开始吧!


Houdini Friendship Bracelet _ 02.PathDeform & Chain SOP

We take a quick look at the PathDeform and Chain SOPs, to understand what those tools can do and demonstrate how we will be using them to create our multi-bead bracelets.
我们快速浏览一下PathDeform和Chain SOP,以了解这些工具可以做什么,并演示我们将如何使用它们来创建多珠手链。


Houdini Friendship Bracelet _ 03.Modeling Bracelet Components

Adam is going to show how to create the various differently shaped beads and connecting parts, as well as start and end pieces, before all those parts get assembled into their specific strands. You will see the variety of SOPs nodes used to modify the geometry. Modeling in Houdini!


Houdini Friendship Bracelet _ 04.Chain Making

Now that all the pieces are ready for assembly, we can start to string them all together using the Chain SOP! We will also assign colour to the beads, and debug some issues around bead connections using PathDeform. You can continue with your scene file or grab the one down below and start from here!
现在所有零件都可以组装了,我们可以开始使用Chain SOP将它们串在一起!我们还将为小珠分配颜色,并使用PathDeform调试与小珠连接有关的一些问题。您可以继续使用场景文件,也可以从下面抓取一个,然后从这里开始!


Houdini Friendship Bracelet _ 05.Simulation

It’s time to make some animation that will show off these bracelet strands, all 1500 of them. The task is now to make a rotating shape that we can pin all the strands to, so that we get some interesting motion as the base object twirls around itself. We will use vellum to give us this nice motion.


Houdini Friendship Bracelet _ 06.Geometry Binding

All the pins are in place on our animated geo, so now we can vary and connect the 3 bracelet strands across each of the pins. Some debugging is in order of course, so we will also see how to fix those bracelet components so it looks correct. When we finish, we’ll have the cached frames to take to prepare for the final output – rendering.


Houdini Friendship Bracelet _ 07.Rendering

We’ve already gotten the various colours assigned to the beads and bracelet components. Now we will assign a few shaders, prep lighting, background, camera and render settings. This is done using Mantra (but full disclosure, Adam rendered the sequence using a GPU renderer).


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