FLIP瀑布Magic Market | Waterfall

FLIP瀑布Magic Market | Waterfall

LESSON & PROJECT FILES: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/magic-market-waterfall/

Learn how to build a waterfall FX to fit into an existing environment. First, learn the most basic FLIP simulation workflow, then build the waterfall FX and use Karma to render. Even if you just know a little bit about Houdini, you can still follow this tutorial and build a good looking effect.

The lesson is made up of five main parts:

Basic Liquid simulation | Learn how to build a flip simulation from scratch. It’s good for beginners to understand how each node works.

Waterfall Simulation | In this chapter, we build this main waterfall simulation together. I will show you my thoughts when I was working on this effect.

Whitewater | To make the waterfall look vivid, we add some whitewater and convert it to volume for the final render.

Render | Karma is in the beta version, but it creates quality rendering. Karma exists in the Solaris network, and I will show you how things work in Solaris. We will render motion blur, different AOV, and different passes to use in the composition chapter.

Composition | In the last step, we will do the final composition in Nuke. If you don’t have Nuke, you can also use the Houdini comp system or any other composition software.
LESSON & PROJECT FILES: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/magic-market-waterfall/

了解如何构建瀑布式FX以适合现有环境。首先,学习最基本的FLIP模拟工作流程,然后构建Waterfall FX并使用Karma进行渲染。即使您只对Houdini有所了解,您仍然可以按照本教程进行操作,并获得良好的效果。





渲染业力处于beta版本,但它可以创建高质量的渲染。 Karma存在于Solaris网络中,我将向您展示Solaris中的工作原理。在合成一章中,我们将渲染运动模糊,不同的AOV和不同的通过。

组成|在最后一步,我们将在Nuke中进行最后的合成。如果您没有Nuke,也可以使用Houdini comp系统或任何其他合成软件。