Houdini破碎预烘焙以导入虚幻Pre-Baked Destruction in Unreal Engine

Houdini破碎预烘焙以导入虚幻Pre-Baked Destruction in Unreal Engine

This video shows how you can create an destructible asset for your project. It is pre-baked in Houdini so in game engine it does not have to be simulated which can make it more game friendly.

Last time I create a real-time simulation of destruction : https://youtu.be/s4jCYRIXuAQ
This time it is pre-baked and is just playing an animation in game.

In Houdini you start to build a basic pillar, you can load in custom models here as well. The pillar gets split into 2 pieces one for the destruction and one that is more static. With that it will also be a bit more optimized by default so we are not creating too many pieces and only breaking what is needed.
For the simulation it will be a base setup with some cool tricks to use the Normal vector as velocity in the simulation. With that setup you can control where the impact should be and how intens it will be.
Last part is bringing it in Unreal 5 and showing a base for blueprints to get gameplay interaction with it.

00:00 Intro
00:23 Base Pillar
05:33 Splitting Pillar
09:56 Fracturing
13:00 Prepare Simulation
13:36 Add Simulation
15:21 Explosion impact
19:39 Exporting
22:23 UE 5 Setup
该视频展示了如何为项目创建可破坏的资产。它在 Houdini 中预先烘焙,因此在游戏引擎中不必对其进行模拟,这可以使其更适合游戏。


在 Houdini 中,您开始构建一个基本支柱,您也可以在此处加载自定义模型。柱子被分成两块,一块用于破坏,另一块则更静态。有了它,默认情况下它也会更加优化,所以我们不会创建太多的片段,而只会破坏需要的片段。
最后一部分是将它引入 Unreal 5 并展示蓝图的基础,以便与它进行游戏互动。

00:00 介绍
00:23 基础支柱
05:33 分裂柱
09:56 压裂
13:00 准备模拟
13:36 添加模拟
15:21 爆炸冲击
19:39 出口
22:23 UE 5 设置