Houdini教程 – 泡沫膨胀Houdini Tutorial – Bubble inflation

Houdini教程 – 泡沫膨胀Houdini Tutorial – Bubble inflation

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Hey guys! been a while, but here is a new tutorial.
Also wanted to take this opportunity to promote the patreon account that I just made, this is where you can find a collection of all my tutorials from now on and where you can also download the HIP file for this project (as a $5+ backer)

HTTPS://gum road.com/来/inflating bubbles

也想借此机会推广我刚刚制作的patreon帐户,从现在开始您可以在这里找到我所有教程的集合,您也可以在这里下载该项目的HIP文件(作为$ 5 +支持者)