HDR环境球工厂Lightmap HDR Light Studio Tungsten Win x64

HDR环境球工厂Lightmap HDR Light Studio Tungsten Win x64

Lightmap HDR Light Studio Tungsten Win x64


HDR Light Studio software provides 3D artists with a new way to light 3D imagery. Paint your shot with lights. The lighting process is now easy, fast, precise, creative and enjoyable. HDR Light Studio builds lighting that is used by your existing 3D software and renderer. By adding HDR Light Studio, 3D artists become more productive and image quality improves.Interactive Image Based Lighting
The dynamic HDRI environment map is updated in real-time as lights are added and adjusted, as is the Render View that is lit by it.HDRI Area Lights
HDR Light Studio can also create and control 3D Area Lights / Emitters inside your 3D software. These are positioned with the same intuative interface, clicking and dragging on the 3D model.Use Standalone or Connected
HDR Light Studio can be used standalone – load a 3D scene and produce the perfect HDRI map.Light Sources: Procedural
HDR Light Studio is best known for creating studio lighting – especially suited to reflective materials. Procedural lights can be precisely controlled and positioned to create a wide variety of lighting effects.Light Sources: Images
For the most realistic lighting effects – load HDR images as light sources in HDR Light Studio. Image based light sources bring high levels of realism with subtle details and imperfections seen in reflections.Includes a Library of Light Sources
HDR Light Studio includes a library of over 200 high quality HDR photographs of soft boxes, spot lights, windows and even clouds.Render View & LightPaint
The Render View is a key feature of HDR Light Studio’s lighting interface. Lights are positioned by clicking and dragging on the Render View – we call this patented process LightPaint.Area Lights
Area Lights are controlled with LightPaint and are compatible with 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and MODO.Handles Huge Scenes
The Render View and LightPaint remain fast even with huge scenes. For example this 3D scene has 19,514,622 polygons.Matching Photography
When blending photography and CG imagery, matching the lighting between the photographic content and the CG elements is key to a successful and believable image. If a HDRI map of the location has not been captured then a lighting setup needs building from scratch. HDR Light Studio makes this process easy and enabling the rapid creation of a suitable lighting environment.Enhancing Reality
When reality isn’t enough. Load HDRI maps shot on location and add additional light sources to bring your subject to life. Just like on a real photoshoot, beauty lights are added to make your subject the star of the show.Procedural Sky
HDR Light Studio includes a procedural sky shader. Replace the sky on an existing HDRI map and use an alpha ramp to control the horizon position and softness. Drag and drop the included Cloud preset images onto the sky for added realism. The sun disc can be increased in size whilst maintaining its overall lighting contribution, allowing for creative decisions about the sun scale. The sun disc has a controllable soft edge.Mix Up Your Maps
Load more than one HDRI map into HDR Light Studio and use the alpha ramp to blend between them. Use saturation adjustments and color filtering, via blend modes, to take control of color and create a better match. Enabling you to get more out of your existing HDRI collection.More than Lights
The HDR Canvas is a compositor for HDR and LDR content, supporting a range of image formats, mappings and blend modes.Portable Lighting
HDRI maps are the ultimate portable lighting format. They can be used with different renderers and produce predictable and accurate results. Especially with physically based rendering.Industry Standards
VFX artists will be pleased to know HDR Light Studio has progressed to embrace some industry standards. HDR Light Studio uses OpenColorIO color management and supports loading Alembic scene files. In order to efficiently handle very large image files, HDR Light Studio will automatically convert image files to mip-mapped and tiled images, saving them as .tx files. When using .tx files, HDR Light Studio only loads the image resolution and area needed – this vastly improves image load times and performance.


HDR Light Studio软件为3D艺术家提供了一种照亮3D图像的新方法。用灯光画你的镜头。照明过程现在变得简单,快速,精确,富有创意且令人愉悦。 HDR Light Studio可构建现有3D软件和渲染器使用的照明。通过添加HDR Light Studio,3D艺术家可以提高工作效率,提高图像质量。交互式图像照明
HDR Light Studio还可以在3D软件中创建和控制3D区域灯/发射器。这些定位具有相同的直观界面,在3D模型上单击并拖动。使用独立或已连接
HDR Light Studio可以独立使用â???加载3D场景并生成完美的HDRI地图。光源:程序
HDR Light Studio以创建工作室照明而闻名“特别适合反光材料。程序灯可以精确控制和定位,以创造各种各样的灯光效果。光源:图像
对于最逼真的灯光效果“在HDR Light Studio中将HDR图像作为光源加载。基于图像的光源带来高水平的真实感,细微的细节和反射中出现的瑕疵。包括光源库
HDR Light Studio包含一个包含200多张高质量HDR照片的软件库,包括软盒,聚光灯,窗户甚至云.Render View&LightPaint
渲染视图是HDR Light Studio的照明界面的关键功能。通过在渲染视图上单击并拖动来定位灯光。我们称这个专利过程为LightPaint.Area Lights
区域灯由LightPaint控制,兼容3ds Max,Maya,Cinema 4D和MODO.Handles巨大场景
当混合摄影和CG图像时,匹配摄影内容和CG元素之间的光照是成功和可信的图像的关键。如果尚未捕获该位置的HDRI地图,则照明设置需要从头开始构建。 HDR Light Studio使这一过程变得简单,并能够快速创建合适的照明环境。增强现实感
HDR Light Studio包含程序天空着色器。替换现有HDRI地图上的天空,并使用Alpha斜坡来控制地平线位置和柔和度。将包含的云预设图像拖放到天空上,以增加真实感。太阳圆盘的尺寸可以增加,同时保持其整体照明贡献,从而可以做出有关太阳规模的创造性决策。太阳光盘具有可控的软边缘。混合您的地图
将多个HDRI地图加载到HDR Light Studio中,并使用Alpha渐变在它们之间进行混合。通过混合模式使用饱和度调整和颜色过滤来控制颜色并创建更好的匹配。使您能够从现有的HDRI系列中获得更多。比灯光还要多
HDR Canvas是HDR和LDR内容的合成器,支持一系列图像格式,映射和混合模式。便携式照明
VFX艺术家将很高兴知道HDR Light Studio已经取得了一些行业标准。 HDR Light Studio使用OpenColorIO颜色管理,并支持加载Alembic场景文件。为了有效处理非常大的图像文件,HDR Light Studio会自动将图像文件转换为mip映射和平铺图像,并将其保存为.tx文件。使用.tx文件时,HDR Light Studio仅加载所需的图像分辨率和区域。这极大地改善了图像加载时间和性能。