HDRI环境球集合包CGAxis – HDRI Skies Collection

HDRI环境球集合包CGAxis – HDRI Skies Collection

CGAxis – HDRI Skies Collection


CGAxis HDRI Skies Collection is a set of 108 full spherical HDR images. In it you will find panoramas of deserts, lakes, oceans, grassfield and many more with sun set from early morning to late evening. All images resolution is 10000 x 5000 px and are in 32-Bit High Dynamic Range file format and JPG file formats.


CGAxis HDRI Skies Collection是一套108个全球形HDR图像。在这里您可以看到沙漠,湖泊,海洋,草地以及更多的全景,从清晨到傍晚都有日落。所有图像分辨率均为10000 x 5000像素,采用32位高动态范围文件格式和JPG文件格式。