LAIKA电影视效STOPS: Dynamics for LAIKA Films | Peter Stuart & David Horsley | SIGGRAPH 2019

LAIKA电影视效STOPS: Dynamics for LAIKA Films | Peter Stuart & David Horsley | SIGGRAPH 2019

Laika’s preferred dynamics isn’t really a heck of a lot different from any other studio but we do stylize our work to meet established criteria for our show style, and we do need to be able to integrate our work with the stop motion animation. In short the work needs to look, animate, and feel realistic yet convey a sense that it was created on our stop motion stages using practical materials like paper or cloth.

Peter Stuart has been a Senior Generalist TD at LAIKA since 2006 to present. He was a Shader Writer for the Core Feature Animation team before that and has worked on Missing Link, Kubo and the Two Strings, The Boxtrolls, Paranorman, Coraline, and The Wild. He received a MS Computer & Information Science from Ohio State University and a Physics BA from the University of Montana.

David Horsley was hired at Laikato work on “Kubo and The Two Strings” as a Lead to help the VFX department complete all the water shots for the film. His work on The Life of Pi and VES award for the work on that film secured him the job in 2014. Since then he has completed “Missing Link” which also involved considerable water work. Our FX crew of 8 completed work on snow blizzards, ice bridge destruction, smoke/steam, environments for clouds and landscapes. On Film6, which they just started, David will be focused on music concert crowds, busy street scenes, and plenty of magic effects.

His career as an FX Supervisor incorporates twenty years of innovative, visual effects experience on feature films, using Houdini software for lighting, visual effects, look development, and bidding on new projects. His technical experience specializing in water, snow, ice, metal, fire and fluid effects, enhances his abilities to work well under pressure, visualize the demands needed to support production, client, and artistic challenges. His career at ILM was based on his ability to visualize fluid and particle systems, lighting creatures, and lead the creative on designing effects sequences. His technical experience has been involved in the use of ILM’s proprietary fluid systems, rigid body dynamics, and Maya’s particle systems.


Peter Stuart自2006年以来一直担任LAIKA的高级通才TD。在此之前,他是Core Feature Animation团队的着色作家,并曾参与过Missing Link,Kubo和Two Strings,Boxtrolls,Paranorman,Coraline和The Wild。他获得了俄亥俄州立大学的计算机与信息科学硕士学位和蒙大拿大学的物理学士学位。

David Horsley在Laikato受雇于“Kubo and The Two Strings”作为导演,帮助VFX部门完成电影的所有水拍。他在The Life of Pi和VES上为该片制作的作品获得了2014年的工作。从那时起,他完成了“Missing Link”,其中还涉及大量的水务工作。我们的8名外汇人员完成了关于雪暴,冰桥破坏,烟雾/蒸汽,云和景观环境的工作。在他们刚刚开始的Film6上,David将专注于音乐演唱会人群,繁忙的街景和大量的魔术效果。




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